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Att&ck patterns#

The Att&ck patterns configuration is available in the Administrators space: open Entities Management, then click on Att&ck Patterns tab.


By default, TheHive comes with Enterprise ATT&CK patterns from MITRE. This is installed during the installation process, and de catalog name Enterprise Attack is created with all of the related techniques.

View patterns#

To view details of patterns included in a catalog, click on a catalog.

full details of each pattern can be reviewed by click on a technique ID (TXXXX)

Add or Update Catalogs#

The catalogs are not updated automatically, neither the Enterprise catalog cominng during the installation process. Sso if you want to benefits from last versions of the framework, you have to update it.

To add a new catalog:

  1. Click on the Import MITRE ATT&CK patterns
  2. Choose the patterns you want to install
  3. Add a catalog name if creating a new catalog, or select the name of an existing one to update it
  4. Drop le downloaded file
  5. Click the Import button

This action can take some time.