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First start#

First log in#

Once TheHive is up and running, with your web browser, connect to http://IP_ADDRESS:9000, and log in with the default account:

Login admin@thehive.local
Password secret

Install license#

To unlock capabilities and quotas, connect to your account at StrangeBee's customer portal, and follow this guide to setup the licence.


This action is particularly required if you are setting up TheHive as a cluster:

  1. When starting TheHive service, start only one node
  2. setup the license by connecting to the started node
  3. start others TheHive nodes

Change Admin password#

1. Go to users settings#

2. change your password#

3. Confirm for the changes to take effect.#


The Administrators space is where all the platform is configured.

  • Integrate TheHive with a SMTP server, authentication directory servers, Cortex and MISP servers: Go to the Platform Management page

  • Create Organisations

  • Create users

  • Customise the application behaviour for users in the Entity Management page