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Profiles are available in the first tab of Entities Management page.


TheHive comes with a set of predefined profiles for Administrators and Organsations ; this set can be enriched with custom profiles you can create depending on your needs.

A Valid license is required to update profiles

About Permissions#

Each profile is defined by a set of permissions. There are two profile types:

  • Administration, used by users in the Admin organisation, to manage the platform
  • Organization used in business organisations

Permissions are named manageEntity with Entity, an entity in the application. For example: manageCase. A permission manageEntity means having rights to write, update,delete an entity.

Manage Profiles#

Except the admin profile, all profiles can be customised and deleted.

Add a profile#

  • Add a new profile by clicking the button on the Entities Management page, in the Profiles tab
  • Then select the type of profile to create, and associated permissions

Adding a Profile window opens.

  1. Enter a Name for the new profile.
  2. Choose Profile type.
  3. Select the Permissions for that profile type.
  4. Click the Confirm profile creation button.

Edit or delete Profile#