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Taxonomies are used to defined structured tags in TheHive. Taxonomies can be configured in the Administrators space: open Entities Manamgement and select Taxonomies tab.

By default, MISP taxonomies are imported.

View a taxonomie#

To review the list of available tags in one specific taxonomie, click on the desired name; this will open a drawer with the list of tags.

Activate or delete a taxonomie#

By default no taxonomie is activated; so none can be used in Cases or Alerts. To use a set of tags in Cases and Alerts, the related taxonomie should be activated.

Update Taxonomies#

TheHive comes with the version of MISP taxonomies available at the moment of the installation. Updating TheHive does not update and add the last available version. So if you want to get the latest version released by MISP people you have to update it manually.

  1. Click on the Import Taxonomies button
  2. Download the last archive available here:
  3. Drag&Drop the downloaded file and click on the Import button

Custom Taxonomies#

You can add you own taxonomies by following the JSON schema specified by MISP.