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View and Update License#

This section provides information about updating your license for TheHive. By default, TheHive is installed with the community edition license.

To activate a different license, you need to purchase one from StrangeBee. Upon purchasing, StrangeBee will create an account for you on their customer portal, allowing you to activate your license.

Activating Your License#

Follow these steps to activate your license:

  1. Access the Platform Management Page:

    • Navigate to the Platform Management page.
    • Go to the License tab.
    • Click the Update the current license button.

    Update License Button

  2. Copy the Challenge:

    • A window will open displaying the challenge.
    • Click Copy this challenge.

    Copy Challenge

    You will see a message confirming that the challenge has been copied.

  3. Activate the License on the Customer Portal:

    • Log in to your account on the StrangeBee customer portal.
    • Use the copied challenge to activate the license.
    • The portal will provide you with an activation license key.
  4. Enter the Activation Key:

    • Return to the Platform Management page.
    • Enter the activation key in the License field.
    • Click the Activate the license key button.

    This will activate your license and update your instance with all the features included in your license.

License Capabilities#

The license includes the following capabilities: - Defines the number of users you can create on your platform. - Based on the number of users and the number of organizations. - Includes a validation and an expiration date. - Allows an unlimited number of Readonly users and Service users. Service users can use an API key to call all APIs but do not have access to TheHive interface.

How-to Guide#

Below is a video guide that walks you through the process of activating your license in detail.