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From an empty case#

Create a new case from an empty case.

  1. Enter the case title in the Title.
  2. Select the date from the Date.
  3. Select Severity, (Low/Medium/High/Critical).
  4. Select TLP, (White/Green/Amber/Red).
  5. Select PAP, (White/Green/Amber/Red).
  6. Click + to add Tags. (Refer to Add tags).
  7. Enter the case description in the Description.
  8. Choose a Task rule from the list, (manual/existingOnly/upcommingOnly/all).
  9. Choose an Observable rule from the list, (manual/existingOnly/upcommingOnly/all).
  10. Add Tasks. (Refer to Add tasks).
  11. Add Custom Fields. (Refer to Add custom field values).
  12. Click the Confirm case creation button.

create empty case