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Manage users in your Organisation#


org-admin profile or at least the permission manageUser is required to manage users in your organisation.

List of users#

In your organisation, click on Organisation in the menu on the left to access the list of users. The first tab is Users.

List of user accounts

List of user accounts

User information#

To access detailed information about a user, click the Preview button

User information

User information

Configuration parameters#

Update the avatar associated with the user by drag&drop a new file (PNG or JPG files).
User login
email address for the account. This is used to send notifications or reset password links to users. Login is used if no email is filled there
Type of the account. Normal or Service. A Service account cannot open interactive session
Block a user from logging in the application
Tells if a user has configured MFA or not (Multi Factor Authentication). If yes, Yes is displayed
Define, Renew, Reveal or Revoke API key of the account
Information about the profile given to the user
List of permissions included in the profile
Create or update the password of the user
Reset Password
If the application is configured with a SMTP server, send an email with a magic link to the user. link is active for a short time period.
List of opened interactive sessions. Click delete to close a session

Add Users#

org-admin users or users with the role manageUser in their profile can add users in the current Organisation.

Click the button to add an account in the current organisation, and follow create an account and update an account guides.

User management#

Accounts can be deleted or locked, only in the current organisation.