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Listen address & port#

By default the application listens on all interfaces and port 9000. This is possible to specify listen address and ports with following parameters in the application.conf file:



If you are using a reverse proxy, and you want to specify a location (ex: /thehive), updating the configuration of TheHive is also required


play.http.context: "/thehive"

Specific configuration for streams#

If you are using a reverse proxy like Nginx, you might receive error popups with the following message: StreamSrv 504 Gateway Time-Out.

You need to change default setting for long polling refresh, Set stream.longPolling.refresh accordingly.


stream.longPolling.refresh: 45 seconds

Using Web proxy#

if you are using a NGINX reverse proxy in front of TheHive, be aware that it doesn't distinguish between text data and a file upload.

So, you should also set the client_max_body_size parameter in your NGINX server configuration to the highest value among the two: file upload and text size defined in TheHive application.conf file.