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Define Page templates#

This section contains the Page templates you prepare for your organisation.

List of Page Templates#

Access to the list by opening the Organisation menu, then the Templates tab, and the Pages tab.

List of Page templates

List of Pages templates

Click the button to create a new Page template.

New Page template#

Create a Page template

Create a page template

Configuration parameters#

Page template title. Used to identify the Page template with the API. Also used as a page title when the template is used in a case.
Category for grouping pages on a common theme. Is used as a page tree in the case of.
Default page content when the page template is used in a case.


Export a Page template#

Page templates can be exported and stored as JSON files by clicking on the option icon and selecting Export page template

Export a page template

Import a Page template#

Click on the button Import Page Template and select the JSON formatted file to import.

Import a page template