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Custom Fields#

Custom Fields are used to enrich a Case or Alert with custom information used to give more context or be used to create statistics or dashboards.

They are defined in the Administrator view of TheHive, and made available to all Organisations on the platform.

This Custom Fields view is available in the Administrator space: ooen the Entities Management view, then the Custom Fields tab.

Create a Custom Field#

Click the button to create a new Custom Field.

Create a new Custom Fields by filling following information:

  1. A name that will be displayed in Cases and Alerts
  2. A technical name. By default. this one is automatically set from the name but can be adjusted id needed. This name is used when using the Custom Field with the API
  3. Add a description to help analyst use this CF with Cases and Alerts
  4. Define a group name for this CF
  5. Define the type of the CF; several types are available - String, Boolean, Integer, Float, Date
  6. Fill some predefined values, if exist, or leave it blank if this is a free area
  7. Enable this option if the Custom Field is mandatory and has to be valued before closing a Case

Then, click on Confirm custom field creation.