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GDPR Compliance in TheHive 5.x#

TheHive includes a specialized feature for managing data retention policies within the database. By default, this feature is not enabled and must be configured based on your organization's GDPR compliance needs.


This feature is exclusively available with TheHive 5.x Platinum plan.


There are two primary strategies available:


Replace Sensitive Values with <redacted>#

Under this strategy, sensitive information is redacted from specific fields within TheHive, including:


For cases, the following fields are redacted:

  • summary and message of the case
  • message of comments
  • message in task logs
  • message of observables, for datatypes selected and filled in the gdpr.dataTypesToDelete configuration property
  • content of pages
  • description of procedures in TTPs


For alerts, the following fields are redacted:

  • message of the alert
  • message of observables (gdpr.dataTypesToDelete configuration property)
  • description of procedures (TTP)


For audits:

  • the field details is redacted


Delete Data#

Selecting the delete strategy will permanently remove the following components:

  • Cases and associated components (tasks, task logs, procedures, comments, pages, custom events in timelines, custom field values, and observables)
  • Alerts and associated components (procedures, comments, custom field values, and observables)
  • Audits


The retentionPeriod parameter specifies the minimum age of data subject to deletion or redaction. The GDPR process is applied to data older than this specified period, calculated based on the last update date (or creation date if never updated). The format for retentionPeriod supports various time units:

  • day: d, day
  • hour: h, hr, hour
  • minute: m, min, minute
  • second: s, sec, second
  • millisecond: ms, milli, millisecond

For example, 365 days denotes a retention period of 1 year.


To enable GDPR compliance, follow these steps:

  1. Update the configuration file /etc/thehive/application.conf with the following settings:
gdpr {
    enabled = true

    ## Format
    ## Every Sunday at 02:30

    schedule = "0 30 2 ? * SUN"

    ## Possible GDPR strategies:
    ##   delete: remove the documents
    ##   redact: replace sensitive values by "<redacted>" (cf. dataTypesToDelete)

    strategy = "delete"

    ## if the strategy is "redacted", the observable with dataType in 
    ## "dataTypesToDelete" will be removed
    ## for other observables, message will be "<redacted>", not the data
    ## Uncomment following line to select datatypes

    # dataTypesToDelete = [] ## ["ip", "domain"]

    ## only documents older than the "retentionPeriod" will be processed

    retentionPeriod = 730 days # 2 years

    ## Advanced parameters (should not be modified)

    jobTimeout = 24 days ## maximum time the job is executed
    batchSizeCase = 5     ## how many cases is processed per transaction
    batchSizeAlert = 10   ## how many cases is processed per transaction
    batchSizeAudit = 100  ## how many cases is processed per transaction
  1. Save the changes to the configuration file.

  2. Restart TheHive application to apply the new settings.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement GDPR-compliant data retention policies within TheHive 5.x. Adjust the configuration parameters as per your organization's specific requirements and compliance standards.