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Release Notes of 5.2 series#


The 5.2 release comes with some changes on the database schema that can't be reversed. Please make sure to make a backup of your database before upgrading.

This release also comes with some breaking changes, please review them below


An upgrade guide is available to help you migrate from TheHive 5.x

5.2.4 - 19th September 2023#



  • Notification: The "JobFinished" trigger will no longer be triggered when the job is updated, but only when the responders have finished.

User Interface:

  • User Management: Administrators will now receive a warning message when attempting to create a new user with an existing login.
  • Case Template: When applying a case template with tasks to an existing case with tasks, the template's tasks will be placed at the end.

New Features#

  • Notification: You can now trigger a notification when an analyzer has finished using the "ActionFinished" trigger.

5.2.3 - 5th September 2023#



  • Case Closure Enhancement: The case closing API has been enhanced to ensure that mandatory custom fields are filled in before a case can be closed.

User Interface:

  • Taxonomy Import: The message returned by the taxonomy import in the event of an error or duplication is clearer
  • Task Creation: Newly created tasks are now added to the bottom of the task list to maintain task order consistency.
  • Real-time Updates: The observables and tasks counter now updates in real-time after an item is deleted from the list.
  • Sorting Fix: A sorting issue on the related alerts list has been addressed.

New Features#

  • Enhanced Case Merging: When merging cases, identical unmodified tasks are now intelligently merged, streamlining case management.
  • Attachment Previews: Enjoy the convenience of previewing image, text, and PDF attachments for cases and task logs.
  • Task Date Handling: Task end dates now auto-populate when a task is cancelled, with added checks to ensure start-end date consistency.
  • Redesigned Task Log Display: The task log display has undergone a redesign, optimizing readability for improved usability.
  • Streamlined Comment Display: Comments are now displayed in a revamped layout, enhancing readability for easier comprehension.
  • Self-Assignment Capability: It's now possible to assign cases and tasks to yourself
  • Expanded Custom Field Usage: Custom fields can now be completed when closing an alert, offering more complete alert closure information.
  • Markdown Support in Case Reports: Markdown formatting in task log displays within case reports is now correctly interpreted, maintaining rich text formatting.
  • SMTP configuration testing: Easily validate your SMTP configuration directly from the platform, to ensure the smooth operation of e-mail evoies through the application.

5.2.2 - 9th August 2023#



  • Fix to create attachment directory if it doesn't exist when TheHive starts up
  • A change in authentication configuration is now applied immediately, without the need to restart the platform.
  • The http context is only present once when you configure a SAML authentication server like Okta


  • Improve performances of notifications making http requests and limit the number of open processes

User Interface:

  • The name field is indicated as required in the endpoint configuration.
  • Improved loading time for the list of observables

New Features#

Alerts, Cases and tasks:

  • Cancelled tasks are now displayed in a case's task list and in the task menu. It will also be possible to see them in progress, and a quick filter on canceled tasks has been added.
  • The severity component of a case and the case number have been split. A new severity component has been created and standardized in the application
    Severity component
  • Alert comments are visible in case they have been imported
  • Added the ability to copy case number, case title and alert title to the clipboard
  • Add an icon to display alerts, cases and unassigned tasks, and trigger a quick filter on lists
  • Added ability to perform bulk actions on TTPs
  • It is possible to obtain the URL of a case page so that it can be shared


  • Improved case report templates
    • Added the ability to add a title to a case report widget
    • It is possible to duplicate a case report template
    • It is possible to duplicate a case report template widget
  • Notifications can now be triggered when an alert closes
  • We have uniformized the labels for PAP, TLP and Severity, in making so, the template helpers severityLabel, tlpLabel and papLabel available in notifications now return the label in upper case
  • The application will notify users by email when their account is modified by them or an admin in the following cases:
    • Modification of email address
    • Modification of password
    • Password reset

5.2.1 - 11th July 2023#



  • Fix slow autocomplete of custom tags


  • Fixed a behavior where cassandra hostnames were discarded when not resolvable by the entrypoint. This caused the application to use the local file database instead of the provided cassandra hosts when no host could be resolved. This issue appeared in environments like docker swarm.


The docker will no longer try to connect to a cassandra host called cassandra by default. If you use docker-compose with a cassandra database, make sure that you use the option --cql-hostnames

5.2.0 - 6th July 2023#

Breaking changes#


  • The transition to TLP 2.0 involves changing the ID of the TLP:RED value and adding TLP:AMBER+STRICT. The updated assignments are:
    • TLP:CLEAR = 0
    • TLP:GREEN = 1
    • TLP:AMBER = 2
    • New: TLP:AMBER+STRICT = 3
    • Change: TLP:RED = 4 (previously = 3)
  • Please make sure to update your dashboard and any integrations that rely on these values.

Main features#

  • What's new in templates

    • Report template: Boost your reporting with Case Reporting

      Create customized, high-impact reports with Case Reporting. Use a variety of dynamic widgets such as text, images, tables and lists. Relevant case data (tasks, observables, etc.) are automatically integrated. Export your reports in HTML and Markdown.

      See dedicated page for more information (requires platinum license)

    • Page template: Customize and organize your cases pages

      Guide your collaborators in writing the documentation for a case by importing pages directly from the template to provide all the necessary elements and improve processes.

      See dedicated page for more information (requires platinum license)

    Case reporting

  • What's new in alerts:

    • Alert assignment

      Assign alerts to members of the organization. Filter to find alerts assigned to a user.

    • Triggers for alerts in notifications

      Benefit from new alert triggers to trigger your notifications.

    Assign alerts

  • Transition to TLP 2.0

    Our compatibility with the new TLP 2.0 standard is a key advantage for your business. Use the new TLP 2.0 terminologies to strengthen your cases, dashboards and reports.

    TLP 2.0

  • Notifiers Redis and Microsoft Teams

    With the new Redis Notifiers and Microsoft Teams, strengthen your communication. Keep your teams informed in real time about the progress of your processes.

    Notifiers MS and Redis

  • List Export

    Export your list information as you wish in JSON or CSV format. Apply filters and/or select items for export to keep only what you need. Exploit exported data according to your specific needs.

    List export

  • Two-factor authentication activation indicator

    Identify users with two-factor authentication enabled. Enhance access security and promote two-factor authentication adoption.

  • Add your own certificate authority on your servers

    Use your own CA for enhanced server security. Manage your own CA for complete control over certificate issuance, revocation, and management.

Other features#

  • PAP:WHITE changes to PAP:CLEAR
  • Add new observable to alert
  • Custom field mandotory indicator added
  • Improve markdown editor and library change
  • Improve validation errors in api
  • Improve performance of NotificationActor
  • Add button to test MISP/Cortex configuration
  • API could understand "last x days" filters


  • Fixed some display problems on custom fields