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TheHive Notifications allow you to automatically react on specific events occurring in TheHive and send notification to defined Endpoints that can be:

  • Cortex

  • Webhook listener

  • Http listener

  • Slack

  • Mattermost

Endpoints need to be configured prior to use them in Notifications. You can also send an Email as notification.

Notifications management#

Notifications are unique to each organisation. With an org admin account open the Organization menu (1), and navigate to the Notifications tab (2).

To create a notification, clic on the "+" button (3)

Notifications management page

Configure a Notification#

While clicking on add or edit a notifier, a drawer will appear where you can define the following settings:

  • Name: Notification name to display within TheHive
  • Send notification to every user in the organisation: Check this box to notify by email every users of the organization this Notifier has triggered
  • Trigger: Chose in a list of triggers on which event you want to react. You can also select "FilteredEvent" to create your own event filter.
  • Enable notification: Check this box to enable the notifier. Uncheck the box to disable the notifier.

Finally, select which endpoint will receive the notification.

Pre-defined triggers & FilteredEvent#

While configuring the Trigger setting, you can pick a pre-defined trigger from a list, or chose to create your own filters.

Current pre-defined filters list:

  • AnyEvent

  • Case Created

  • Case Closed

  • Case Shared

  • Alert Created

  • Alert Imported

  • Job Finished

  • Alert Observable Created

  • Case Observable Created

  • Observable Created

  • Log in my task

  • Task Assigned

  • Task Closed

  • Task Mandatory

But you can also chose to use a custom filter to react on specific events.

Custom filters are JSON format written and can use common operators. Example with a filter for cases which Severity is updated to High or Critical:

Notifications management page

Use variables in notifications#

You can include variables in your Email & HTTP notification.

Use the "add variable" bouton to see the list of available variables. Example with an email notification:

Notifications management page

The templating engine is based on mustache so you can add some logic to your template. Example:

{{#if (eq object.severity 2) }}MEDIUM {{else}}Other {{/if}}

Some helpers are available to format your data:

Helper Description Usage Output
tlpLabel Format the tlp field of the object {{ tlpLabel object.tlp }} Amber
papLabel Format the pap field of the object {{ papLabel object.pap }} Amber
severityLabel Format the severity field of the object {{ severityLabel object.severity }} Critical
dateFormat Format a date field of the object, uses java date time patterns {{dateFormat audit._createdAt "EEEEE dd MMMMM yyyy" "fr" }} jeudi 01 septembre 2022

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