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Fail2ban is an intrusion prevention software designed to enhance the security of Linux systems by actively monitoring logs for suspicious activity and dynamically blocking malicious IP addresses. By automatically responding to potential threats such as repeated failed login attempts or suspicious access patterns, Fail2ban acts as a proactive defense mechanism, fortifying servers against various forms of cyberattacks.

Adding TheHive into Fail2ban#

To integrate TheHive logs with Fail2ban, follow the steps below. Assume TheHive logs are located at /var/log/thehive/application.log and Fail2ban configuration files are located in /etc/fail2ban.

  1. Step 1: Create a Filter File

    • Create a filter file in /etc/fail2ban/filter.d named thehive.conf with the following content:
    before = common.conf
    failregex = ^.*- <HOST> (?:POST \/api\/login|GET .*) .*returned 401.*$
    ignoreregex =
  2. Step 2: Create a Jail File

    • Create a jail file in /etc/fail2ban/jail.d named thehive.local with the following content:
    enabled = true
    port = 80,443
    filter = thehive
    action = iptables-multiport[name=thehive, port="80,443"]
    logpath = /var/log/thehive/application.log
    maxretry = 5
    bantime = 14400
    findtime = 1200

    This configuration will ban any IP address for 4 hours after 5 failed authentication attempts within a 20-minute period.

  3. Step 3: Reload Fail2ban Configuration

    • Reload the Fail2ban configuration to apply the changes:
    fail2ban-client reload

Review Banned IP Addresses#

Here is a step-by-step guide to reviewing banned IP addresses on Fail2ban:

  1. Step 1: Check Fail2ban Status:

    Use the following command to get an overview of Fail2ban's status and active jails:

    sudo fail2ban-client status
  2. Step 2: Review Banned IPs for a Specific Jail

    Use this command to view banned IPs in a particular jail.

    sudo fail2ban-client status thehive

Unban an IP Address#

Use the following command to remove the ban on a specific IP address. Replace jail_name with the jail's name and IP_address with the specific IP address you want to unban:

sudo fail2ban-client set thehive unbanip