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MISP Integration#

TheHive in strongly integrated with MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform).

Using it's connector, TheHive has the capabilities to:

  • Receive MISP events and ingest them as alerts
  • Send TheHive Cases to MISP as events

This integration is highly configurable and allows TheHive to synchronize with one or multiple MISP servers.


To add or configure a MISP server, open the Admin Organisation page (1), go to the Platform Management menu (2) and navigate to the MISP tab (3).

Click the "+" button to add a new MISP server (4).

MISP Connector configuration

General settings#

This configuration is common to all MISP servers connected to TheHive.

  • Interval: define the time interval between each events polling from TheHive to MISP

Servers General settings#

While clicking on add or edit a MISP server, a drawer will appear where you can define the following settings:

  • Server name: MISP server name to display within TheHive
  • Server URL: URL of the MISP server
  • API Key: secret with sufficient permission to get & create MISP events
  • Purpose: Chose the synchronization way; Import: only import events from MISP to TheHive. Export: only exports cases from TheHive to MISP. Import and Export allow both ways synchronization

MISP Server General Settings

Server Proxy Settings#

Proxy settings should be set only if a proxy is required to reach the MISP server from TheHive.

  • Type of protocol: Define on which protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) the proxy is listening
  • Address: Define the proxy address
  • Authentication: If the proxy require authentication, check this box. Username and password to authenticate must be provided when this box is checked.
  • Do not check certificate authority: Do not verify the certificate authority when communicating with the proxy (not recommended, for HTTPS connection only)
  • Disable hostname verification: Do not verify the hostname match with the certificate hostname.

MISP Server Proxy Settings

Server Advanced Settings#

  • Chose the filter on TheHive organizations: For each server, you can define which TheHive organisation(s) to include or exclude of the synchronization (excluded or not included organisations will not receive the MISP events as Alerts)
  • Tags: Append one or several tags to each MISP event ingested as Alert 
  • Export case tags: If enabled, the export will include the Case tags.
  • Export observables tags: If enabled, the exported Observables will include the Observables tags.

MISP Server Advanced Settings

Server Filter Settings#

This section allows to define filters for MISP events import.

  • Maximum age: define the maximum age (based on creation date) for an event to be imported in TheHive.
  • Organizations to include: Import only events created by the MISP organisation(s) defined in this field.
  • Organizations to exclude: Import only events NOT created by the MISP organisation(s) defined in this field.
  • Maximum number of attributes: Define a maximum number of MISP attributes (observables) per event to import.
  • List of allowed tags: Import only events that contains the tags defined in this field
  • Prohibited tags list: Import only events that DON'T contains the tags defined in this field

MISP Server Filters Settings