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Alert Management#

Alert list#

Alerts received by your organization can be viewed in TheHive:

Alert List

Every user inside the organization can view the alerts. But you will need the permission manageAlert to be able to edit alerts.

A user can use predefined filter or custom filters to view only selected alerts:

Alert List with filters

Alert details#

From the alert list, an alert can be opened for more investigation. Details are filled, comments by analysts can be made on the alert too:

Alert details

You can use tags, comments, severity, tlp, pap, custom fields and custom statuses to help categorize your alerts.

Observables from the alert can be further analyzed either by the analysts or by using Cortex analyzers:

Alert observables

Alert observable analyzers

Finally, depending on the analyst investigation, an alert can be closed (marked as "False Positive", "Duplicate", "Ignored" or an other custom status) or a case can be created to pursue the investigation.